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Our new Eco School logo 'Take care of our World'



We are proud to be an Eco School!    

Did you know that we are an Eco School?

'The Eco School programme is an international initiative that encourages pupils to engage with environmental and sustainable  developmental issues.' (Eco Schools Wales Website)

This means that we are involved in an international initiative that helps children to learn about how to care for their environment.

We do this by caring for our garden, growing fruit and veg, composting our food waste, remembering to turn off taps, not leaving lights on, recycling and lots more....

In 2009 we were awarded our first Green Flag. The Green Flag is an environmental award given to schools who have set environmental goals and met them. Our second Green Flag was awarded in 2011. Our third Green Flag was awarded in 2014 and we are now working towards our Platinum level.

Our Eco-Committee is made up of parents, teachers and children who work hard to ensure everyone in the school is doing their bit to help the environment. If you would like to get involved speak to Miss Edwards or Miss Taylor.