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Healthy Schools

Welcome to our Healthy Schools page!

We are proud to be a Healthy School

What is a Healthy school?

" A healthy school is a positive, empowering and inclusive school, which promotes the self esteem of all members of the school community... it aims to promote physical, social,emotional and mental health of all pupils, all school staff and the wider community" ( website)

This means that in nursery we aim to promote good health and wellbeing through the curriculum. We help children to learn about how to be healthy and happy. We do this by preparing and eating a range of healthy snacks, brushing our teeth daily, exercising, growing our own fruit and vegetables in our nursery garden and love to cook. We learn about caring for ourselves, others and the environment.

We have completed phases 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Healthy
School awards and are working towards phase 5.
Our target areas for phase 4 are 'Food' and 'Fitness' in
which we are aiming to develop parental confidence in the kitchen,
increase physical development throughout the school and community and
to develop inclusion through cultural food experiences, dance and movement.
We have recently recieved the gold award for our toothbrushing scheme in nursery.