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This week in nursery

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus! We had a wonderful time on Monday celebrating St David's Day. Many of the children came to nursery dressed in traditional outfits or wearing something red. We had a wide range of activities for the children to explore which linked to traditional welsh customs. The children helped to make some welsh cakes which involved following a recipe, measuring ingredients and rolling and cutting the mixture. Once cooked we all got to taste how delicious they were! We have continued to learn a variety of welsh songs and discussed how to name feelings in welsh. They particularly enjoyed singing "Mr hapus ydw i". Following on from St David's Day we continued the interest in cooking and the children made some cawl. They were very careful when peeling and cutting the vegetables ready to put in the pot. Most children were able to name vegetables like carrot and potato but we are reinforcing the names of other vegetables such as parsnip, suede and leek. Once again lots of talk about where the vegetables came from and we have been exploring a number of information books about gardening and growing vegetables. In the garden the children have been helping to clear our vegetable patch ready for planting. Lots of helpers using spades, wheelbarrows and brushes to problem solve how to move bits from the patch to the compost. We have new structure going up in the garden so there was much excitement when the builders came on Wednesday to put it together. The children had many thoughts about what it could be..."It's a treehouse" "It's a structure" "It's a dinosaur"...we will have to wait and see when it is finished!

We have continued with our core story 'The Colour Monster' this week. The children have created some beautiful artwork linked to the story, really maintaining attention and thinking carefully about what they wanted to do. We have started to also explore the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. Spring songs this term include I dig my garden, Sleeping bunnies, Five little peas and Chick chick chicken.