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This week in nursery


We have been exploring lots of red activities today for Red Nose Day! It has been lovely to see lots of the children join in and wear red today. We have been busy this week exploring clay in the art studio. The children have been creating their own Colour Monster clay models and have been learning about texture, joining techniques and how to manipulate the clay. We have been so impressed with the care and attention the children have given to their models. Each one is different and full of personality! We have also been exploring the stories ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’. The children have helped to create a castle in the role play area and we have observed some wonderful storytelling from the children as they they take on different roles. In the garden this week the children have been planting seeds and taking care of our plants. There have been lots of discussions around what plants need to grow and how we care for them. We have set up a garden centre under our new outdoor structure and the children have explored the roles of customer and shopkeeper as they sell the different items. We have observed lots of interest in buried treasure this week which has led to map making and treasure hunts! The children have been creating different marks using pens and pencils and are giving meaning to the marks that they make. There has also been lots of interest in physical activities involving climbing and jumping. The children have helped to create an obstacle course in the garden where they can challenge their physical skills and assess risk as they move around, over and through obstacles. As we continue to explore the season of spring we have started to discuss Easter and look forward to finding out about Easter traditions and celebrations next week 🐣