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This week in nursery

It has been lovely to welcome everyone back to nursery after the Easter break. The children have been sharing what they did in the holidays and we have been talking about the importance of listening carefully to the person who is speaking. We have been exploring what is means to care for the environment this week and have been reusing materials for junk modelling in the art studio. We have talked about how we can reduce, reuse and recycle materials ♻️ The children have been looking for insects and bugs in the garden this week. They have been looking under logs and branches and have discovered all sorts of living things! They have created bug hotels using the loose parts in nursery and have been finding out about different insects using information books and the iPads. We have started to read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ which will be one of our core stories this term. The children are beginning to differentiate between different bugs and are starting to use the appropriate names for them. The role play area has become a cafe this week and the children have been exploring different roles. They have been developing their understanding that print has meaning as they take orders and write receipts for customers. They are using language around money and are exploring amounts as customers make orders.