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This week in nursery

It has been another busy week in nursery. We have had lots of fine motor activities available for the children to engage with this week. These will support the children to develop strength and coordination in their hands. In the Art Studio children have been painting with tweezers and cotton balls. We have also been exploring puzzles, playdough, tower building and construction. We have been talking about colours and patterns. Distinguishing between different colours as well as colour matching. The children have been busy cooking this week making cinnamon swirls and ladybird biscuits. They have listened carefully and followed simple instructions and talked about the changes that were happening as they baked. We have continued the interest in making bug houses. Last week the children had started to draw their own plans and this week they started to put them into action. Lots of discussions about what materials we should use and why. The children have been using their own ideas as well as following instructions. This will be an ongoing project for the garden. We have continued with yoga and this week have been taking about what it means to feel calm. The children have been developing their gross motor skills as they move their body into the different positions.