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This week in nursery


The children have been writing their own stories during our ‘Helicopter story’ sessions this week. They have then been performing them with their group really thinking about how to portray different characters using body movements and expression. We have also acted out the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and it’s clear we have some very talented storytellers and actors! We have also been exploring the windy weather in the garden using scarves and ribbons. Lots of dancing and large scale movements as the children watched the ribbons move about. We are continuing to develop hand eye coordination and this week the children have been throwing beanbags at targets and using the bats and balls. The children are becoming more resilient and will keep trying as they develop a new skill. The interest in bugs has continued this week as the children finished off the bug house in the garden. We have found all sorts of Mini-beasts and have particularly enjoyed observing the snails in the garden this week. Some children have been exploring making spiral shapes on paper and using loose parts materials to create spirals inside. We have been learning to say snail in welsh and have also been learning how to sign snail using Makaton. The children are becoming more independent in the use of the magnifying glasses and pots. They are showing care for the different creatures and recognise the need to keep the safe. We have noticed an interest in fairies and so have started to create a small world fairy area within the nursery with the help of the children. We look forward to seeing where this interest takes us!