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This week in nursery


We have had a very exciting week in nursery with the arrival of our caterpillars! Lots of discussions about what they were, what they eat and what might happen to them. We will continue to observe the changes each day and encourage the children to make comments and ask questions about what they see. This week we also started a large scale art project making collaborative art pieces based on artists such as Monet. The children have experimented with different ways to paint such as using hands, feet and brushes to splatter the paint. We have also been learning about the celebration of Eid this week. The children have made their own decorations, tasted foods and explored traditions such as Mehndi. We have experienced lots of rain this week and this has meant the children have been putting on and taking off waterproof clothing in the garden. It would be very helpful if you could support the develop of these skills at home by encouraging independence in dressing and undressing. This week was Mental Health Awareness Week and we have been talking to the children about how they can keep not just their body healthy but also their brains. We have discussed different feelings and talked about different ways we can help to stay positive and healthy. We have focussed on laughter and fun this week and the children have had a wonderful time!