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This week in nursery

The children have continued their interest in pirates this week and have been using the pirate ship in the garden to support imaginative play. We have enhanced the muddy kitchen and the children have been making dishes for a pirate party! We have added shells, flowers, herbs, lemons, limes and coloured water. We have observed lots of mathematical language as they explore capacity and measure. We have had some very interesting creations! In the art studio this week some of the children have been making boats using the junk modelling. They have been exploring different joining techniques and have been discussing the best materials to ensure the boat floats. For those leaving for reception in September we have started to discuss transitions. We are reading the story ‘The Colour Monster goes to School’ and this has allowed us to open up conversations about how they are feeling about this change. This is a story we will be revising in the remaining weeks of nursery.