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This week in nursery...

This week in nursery we have continued the interest in food and have started cooking. On Monday some of the children helped to make an apple and blackberry crumble. They developed their mathematical knowledge as they measured and weighed the ingredients and observed cause and effect as they added ingredients and watched as the mixture changed. The children all got to taste the crumble and talk about what they liked/ disliked. Later in the week we also made vegetable soup. We are starting to identify a variety of vegetables and the children are exploring them through sight, touch an smell. The children who helped to make the soup developed their peeling and cutting skills as they chopped the vegetables and added them to the pot. Lots of talk about gardening and what they have for dinner! Everyone got to taste the soup and some had seconds! Some of the children went on a walk to the local library to change our library books. We have returned with a wonderful mix of books to share with our friends! Again we have welcomed new friends this week and are supporting them to settle in. A huge thank you to all the children who have been so kind, caring and helpful.