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This week in nursery...

Another busy week at Tremorfa Nursery School! The children have helped to set up their own pumpkin patch in the garden. There are a variety of different pumpkins of different shapes, sizes and colours. The children have been categorising them by size and setting a price for each. Lots of lovely language around size as they widen their vocabulary from big and small. We are supporting the children to use language around money such as pounds and pence. They have also been investigating the pumpkins further as they opened up a pumpkin to discover what was inside. We have set up our class charter for our Rights Respecting School work. Children have agreed that the articles chosen are important and relevant to our nursery. They include recognising that all children have rights, that they all have a right to be safe, they all have a right to be healthy and they all have a right to be listened to. We will send out more information on this within the activity section of Seesaw. In the art studio the children have been looking closely at their features as they do some lovely observational painting. They are beginning to recognise that we all have similarities and differences and they are starting to talk about these as a group. Please take a look at the activities sent out this week. We would really appreciate any family photographs and staff would be happy to print them in school. We will also be exploring One World Week next week. If you would like to share anything about your home traditions we would love you to send some information in. This could be as simple as a traditional recipe, song or story.