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This week in nursery

W/B 24/09/18

This week in nursery the children who have shown interest in building a wall travelled by taxi to B&Q with our shopping lists, the children chose an appropriate size trolley and started to find and gather the items on the list.  The children had the opportunity to make decisions as to how many of each item and which version of each item to choose.  The children explored the different sized products, feeling the weight of the bricks. 

Following on from The Little Red Hen story we have also been looking at farmyard animals in our messy area. We have been exploring the textures of natural materials. We have also been collecting lots of Autumn treasures from in the garden such as conkers, acorns, pine cones and beautiful Autumn leaves. Some of the children discovered spiders in the garden this week and have shown an interest in their webs and how the spiders move.