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This week in nursery


Over the last few weeks we have been practising daily yoga poses and breathing techniques with our children. We have been chatting about what makes us happy and healthy. The children have loved having weekly yoga sessions and are showing confidence, giving their all and following the routine of the session. The children are showing a fantastic attitude to the new experience and a mature understanding of the purpose of the yoga.

This week in nursery, the children who went to B&Q were able to build a 'strong' wall. They put on their safety goggles and helped Jay to mix real cement. The children were very excited to use the items they had bought on their shopping trip. 

We have also been following the children's interests in spiders by having spiders and pipes in the water where we have been exploring water flow and measure. The children have been developing their mark making drawing spiders and webs, looking closely at the shape and counting the legs on their spiders.