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This week in nursery

This week we have continued our dot project in the art studio. We introduced the children to the story 'The Dot' and the children showed great interest and empathy with the main character. The children have been using various colours, resources and materials to explore making dots and circles. The children have created some beautiful collaborative pieces of art. 

 This week in nursery we have been exploring different paint techniques to create firework art. The children have been exploring how to make marks using various equipment and paint to make pictures that look like fireworks. We have also been learning lots about keeping ourselves safe on bonfire night by mind mapping our thoughts and ideas and then we had a go of putting what we had learnt into practice when having a go of holding sparklers in the garden. 

Towards the end of the week we celebrated Diwali. The children have been watching clips on Diwali and learning all the traditions and celebrations of others. We have been making our own diva lamps using salt dough and then being very creating in decorating the lamps as beautifully as we can. We have also been creating wonderful pattern with chalk in the outdoors. We then had a Diwali party where we danced and dressed up in traditional Indian clothes and tried some Indian food.