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This week in nursery

This week has seen the introduction of seasonal vegetables. The children were excited to begin exploring pumpkins in both the indoor and outdoor environment, and a variety of vegetables in the home corner. We used lots of mathematical language when looking at the vegetables, for example long, short, round and heavy. We were interested in exploring using our senses when we cut the vegetables open to look, feel and smell them. The children have been busy making our very own scarecrow for the garden, using straw to stuff the clothes and attach pieces together using the glue gun. We were very shocked to find our dinosaur eggs had hatched this week, so we have had lots of dinosaur hunts in the garden and we used our problem solving skills to think of ways to find them, which led to building 'web-like' traps around the garden using string. We have continued to use our natural materials to create beautiful pieces of transient art, talking about repeating patterns, shapes and textures.