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This week in nursery

This week we have had some very exciting visitors! We found footprints in the nursery and watched the cctv to discover that dinosaurs had been in Tremorfa Nursery School! They left us a letter to say they had lost their eggs and could we help them find them. We had fabulous helpers who went on a hunt in the garden to find the eggs. Lots of teamwork and problem solving as they worked together to get the eggs down from some very unusual places. The children have also enjoyed exploring different large and small scale movements as they moved like dinosaurs. The children are also caring for a small egg in their groups. It hasn't hatched just yet but we have had lots of ideas as to what could be growing inside. We are monitoring their progress each day and the children have demonstrated great care and concern when handling them. Many of the children have been interested in baby play in the home corner. Following routines such as washing, dressing and changing nappies. There has been lots of talk about families and the children are talking confidently about those familiar to them. We have put an activity on Seesaw asking you to send a family photograph through the app for children to share with us.