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This week in nursery


It has been a busy week in nursery. The children have been creating lovely cards and gifts for a special day on Sunday. We hope you like them! We have continued the interest in planting and have discussed what plants need to grow. The children have been on a spring walk and looked out for early signs of spring. Some of the children took photographs and have created a spring book for the other children to read. We have talked about the new life we see in spring time and the children have enjoyed using the farm small world to support their understanding. We have been trying to match animals to their young and are learning the names for these. The weather has been wet and windy at times and the children have been excited about exploring the water and puddles in the garden. They are developing their independence in putting on the waterproofs and we are encouraging everybody to have a go on their own first. The mud kitchen has been really popular with a mixture of mud pies, potions and soups! Lots of mathematical language being used as they select the appropriate size pans, discuss weight and capacity and talk about amounts. We have also enjoyed exploring watercolours in the art area this week and have experimented with colour and shade. The children are better understanding the process of using the watercolours and how it differs to our usual paints. We have continued to read our core readers for this term and have really enjoyed learning the spring songs. It has been lovely to welcome more children in the setting and we are really looking forward to getting to know them more 😊