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Below is a list of some of the questions that parents often ask. Let us know if you have other questions that would be useful to have on this page.

1.How do I get a place for my child in the school?
If you would like your child to attend the school please contact us first of all and we can put your name on our waiting list and make sure you are sent the right forms. You can download the 'Waiting List' Form on the 'School Information' page of this website. You will need to fill in a form for the council and we can help you with this. Alternatively you can call the council direct. The pupil admissions team can be contacted on: 2087 2929

2.Can I choose a morning or afternoon place?
Let us know if you would rather your child attended in the morning or afternoon (see the 'School Information' section for session times). Sometimes parents can choose but if the nursery is very busy sometimes there may only be a space left in one of the sessions.

3.Can my child stay for the whole day?
Children are entitled to a half day (two and a half hours). We also offer some wrap around childcare which you can pay for (see the 'Childcare' section).

4.What should my child wear to nursery?
Nursery is a very busy place. We will be painting, digging, cooking and playing in the sand. Please don't send your child to school in their best clothes!! Please make sure their clothes (especially coats and hats) are labelled. It is a good idea to put them in comfortable trousers that they can easily undo themselves when they need the toilet.

5.What if my child is not toilet trained?
Children starting school are all at different stages of toilet training. Some will be very confident, others may still be in a nappy. We have a clear policy on toilet training (see the 'Policies' section). No child will be stopped from joining the nursery because they are not yet toilet trained. Please let us know how your child is getting on before they start school so we can do our best to support them to become independent on the toilet. Some children with additional needs may remain in a nappy during their time in nursery. We have full changing facilities on site and will always do our very best to meet your child's needs.

6.Do I need to bring any food into nursery?
NO please don't bring food into nursery as we have some children with severe allergies and we wouldn't want them to accidentally eat the wrong thing. All children are given a snack each day. We have a healthy eating policy and the children are given fruit, toast, crackers or something we have cooked in school and either milk or water to drink. It is very important that you let us know if your child has any allergies.

7.Why am I being asked to pay £1 a week?
We ask parents to make a donation of £1 a week to cover the cost of cooking ingredients, snack, Christmas parties and so on. 

8.Will you give my child medicine in school?
If your child has asthma and uses a pump it is important that we keep a pump and a spacer in school. You will need to sign a consent form when you do this. We have a school policy on medicines. Usually if your child is ill and needs medicine they should not be in school. If medicine needs to be administered in school you will need to discuss this with the headteacher and sign a special form.

9.Does my child need to come to school everyday?
Children should come to school everyday and will miss out if they are not there. If your child is not in school for more than two days without an explanation we will phone and check if they are ok. The council asks parents not to take holidays in term time. However, nursery education is not compulsory and we understand that sometimes parents will want to take their children away for a few days. Please let us know if your child will be away. Please fill in an 'Absence Information Form'. This can be found on the 'School Information' page and in the entrance to the school.