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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school! Please ask if you are not sure who's who. You will find our pictures hanging in the entrance to help you get to know us.

Headteacher:                              Mrs Annamaria Bevan
School Clerk:                              Mrs Annie Morgan

Senior Teacher:                          Miss Polly Moakes

LSA Support:                              Mr Jason (Jay) Lloydd

Class Teacher:                           Mrs Beth Williams/ Miss Daisy Worrall
Nursery Nurse:                           Miss Light

Class Teacher:                            Mrs Sam Jones 

Nursery Nurse:                          Mrs Simone Burman
Nursery Nurse:                          Mrs Lynn Morgan

LSA Support:                              Mrs Julia Keenan

Community Nursery Nurse:         Mrs Jackie Eggington

Afternoon Club Staff:                Ms Trudy Furzey 
                                                    Miss Kelly Power                                                    
                                                    Mrs Karen House
School Caretaker:                      Mr Jason Whittle