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Starting School

(Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, starting school may look a little differently at the moment.)


Starting school is a big moment both for the child and you as a parent. We aim to make the start of school as happy and relaxed as possible.



Just before your child is three you will be invited to bring your child to our 'Language and Play' sessions which run weekly in the Community Room. These sessions will help you and your child become familiar with the school and are a really good way to get your child ready for school.

You will also be invited to come and meet your child's teacher and have a chat about your child before they start. Occassionally we may visit you and your child at home before starting school.

You will be given a date to bring your child to school for their first day. On the first day children will only stay for a short session (usually an hour or less) to help them settle in slowly. As the days pass they will stay for a little bit longer. Some children settle in quickly and some take a little while. We feel it is important not to rush this process and will always go at your child's pace.

It is important that you say 'goodbye' to your child when you leave them at nursery. Make sure you say goodbye confidently and with a big smile on your face, tell them you will be back soon and how much fun they will have. Most children will happily go off and play but some do get a little upset. Your child's teacher will make sure they are looked after and most children settle very quickly. If you are worried after you have dropped your child off, please feel free to phone the school.

Please click below to find the information sheets we give to parents about starting school. These sheets are available in Polish and Arabic. Please ask in the office if you would like information in a different language.