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This week in nursery...

This week in nursery the children have extended their interest in cooking and used real life fruits and vegetables in the home corner and muddy kitchen outside. They have loved the opportunity to explore real foods and this has sparked their imagination as they act out making recipes, baking cakes and soups! Lots of mathematical language as they talk about amounts, measuring and number of people they are cooking for. We have also used vegetables to print in the art studio this week. We are consolidating learning and reinforcing the name of vegetables. the children have also enjoyed colour mixing and are beginning to recognise that they can mix colours to make a new one. Forest school sessions have started for the first group of children and this has been a wonderful opportunity for them to experience the natural world around them. We have continued to read our core stories and sing our rhymes. You can find a list of these in the children's area of the website. We are reading The Little Red Hen and hope to do some baking and food tasting next week!