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This week in nursery!

W/B 16/10/17

This week in nursery we have been exploring and celebrating Divali. The children have been watching clips on Divali and learning all the traditions and celebrations of others.  We have been making our own diva lamps using clay in the art studio and then being very creating in decorating the lamps as beautifully as we can.   We have also been using the colourful floor tiles to copy and create our won Rangoli patterns.  At the end of the week we had a fantastic time celebrating Divali by having a Divali party where we danced and dressed up in traditional Indian clothes and tried some Indian food.  

....In other nursery news, we have been continuing our play and fascination in fire fighter play in the garden.  we have now designed and built our own fire trucks with working hose pipes to put out the many fires in the garden.