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This week in nursery

This week in nursery the children have been exploring pumpkins, using tools to cut them open and then explore the texture and seeds. Lots of the children have been showing a great interest in Pumpkins, making pumpkins in the playdough and talking about the pumpkins on display on our autumn table. The children have enjoyed the sensory experience so we introduced the children to different textures such as leaves, spaghetti and pumpkin seeds which they enjoyed exploring with their feet! The children have really loved getting stuck in to explore the properties and have been using some lovely language to describe what the materials feel like.

This week we have also been inspired by the artist Yayoi Kasuma and have created an 'Obliteration Room'. We left dot stickers in a white space and showed the children a video of the famous artwork 'Obliteration Room'. They have really enjoyed making choices about where to stick their dots, sorting them, making pictures or randomly finding spaces to stick.